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Altered Bunny

Altered Bunny is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play a mutant human-bunny hybrid, trapped in a shape-shifting facility populated with robot guards intent on dissecting you. Rotate rooms to find your way down and out of the sprawling warren!

NOTE: If you don't have a controller, I'd recommend using WSAD + Spacebar + mouse as your control scheme, seems easier than the keyboard-only option (to me at least!) Your mileage may vary of course.. :)

BONUS: Supports 2-player CO-OP (if you use controllers)! The co-op camera is super wonky though, apologies in advance.

Controls (Keyboard / Mouse)

  • WSAD or arrow keys to move
  • Space to jump
  • Enter to attack (or LMB on mouse, or F, or Left Ctrl)
  • E to use / climb ladders (or RMB on mouse)
  • Z to zoom out

Controller (XBox)

  • Left stick to move
  • A to jump
  • B or right trigger to attack
  • Y to use / climb ladders
  • X to zoom out


Known Issues
- Enemies sometimes get stuck outside the level (it's a feature)
- Player can get popped outside the level when rotating - oops

Unknown Issues
- Innumerable!

Ludum Dare 35 Entry Page

Published Apr 15, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsldjam, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 35
LinksLudum Dare


AlteredBunnyWin.zip 25 MB
AlteredBunnyMac.zip 38 MB
AlteredBunnyLinux.zip 38 MB


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Hello! I loved your demo, it was unique, very fun and has so much potential! I hope you can find the time to work on it as I would love to play the full game! I made a let's play of it here-

Thanks very much for the kind words Kathryn, and for taking the time to make a let's play! Wasn't planning on a full version any time soon, but who knows, Bunny might break out of the lab one of these days... :)

You're most welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sad to hear about that but I'm glad you're at least considering it! :D