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This is a multiplayer game.  If you don't someone handy to play with, try opening another browser tab to simulate the other player. It's more fun with friends though.. :)  Click here to fire up another tab!


  • WSAD / arrow keys to pan the view. 
  • Keys 1-4 select building types to place. 
  • Left-click to place buildings (once type is selected) 
  • Click a port at base of building to extend/retract it.


Created in one week for the 7DRTS Mini Ludum Dare #44 game jam.

The idea for Substruct is 'pluggable structures'. Create your own unit builds by creating a custom production line!  I didn't get very far with this idea during the game jam, but it might be cool to revisit some time.  Supports 2-8 players (In Theory).

NOTE: Units are autonomous (and extremely dumb). 


  • 3d models by Jarrad Robertson 
  • Other stuff by Steve Salmond 
  • CC0-licensed sounds sourced from Freesound.